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the cars my best friends girl

50 Comments 27 December 2010

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  1. paulsnyder says:

    Jeez, the camera moves to the crowd right at Elliot’s solo. Still a cool video!

  2. TheFlanker35 says:

    Love this song.

  3. villezlovrgrl666 says:



    Best place to find women # #

  5. midnitecowboy100 says:

    My best friends girl, I like that. Anything that make her happy, makes me happy. Her happiness is all thats important to me :)

  6. bbsunshine11 says:

    this song is so cooooooooooooool! Always a “turn it up” tune!!

  7. BLINKFOREVAfan says:

    LOVE this song.

  8. MagnusTheSnake says:

    RIP Benjamin

  9. 2thepnt says:

    @PhuckinScrewed -weird as it may be–God obviously gave it to him for a reason—whos a famous singer –you or him?

  10. Crazybuickdriver says:

    whats funny is this is the song for my so called-best friend :P can you guess why?

    hopefully you guess that now hes with my ex lol

  11. kyuubidude106 says:

    @rcarrl you know it

  12. kyuubidude106 says:

    @rum aldoangui i was too

  13. MajorHawke says:

    People really need to give credit to ocasek, I believe he wrote all the cars songs and did a excellent job on vocals here, one of the VERY few songs I like with Ocasek on vocals.

  14. PhuckinScrewed says:

    Look at his adams apple… wierd

  15. spoodawg says:

    The Beatles song is “I Will.”

  16. 101catsville says:

    @40andaJProd Looks like around 1978.

  17. PAULgeorgeRINGOjohn1 says:

    @LAwoman1956 What song is it? The Beatles one..

  18. 40andaJProd says:

    how old is this performance?

  19. tubular618 says:

    I sense a bit of Devo influence in Ocasek’s delivery.

  20. LAwoman1956 says:

    You hear the Beatles influence on this1 Love it!

  21. AttackShipOnFire says:

    This shit takes me back. Wooh

  22. donr1954 says:

    Boston put out some great bands. Boston, Aerosmith, J geiles band and the Cars.

  23. rumaldoangui says:

    i was here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. energyice says:

    Hey we just made a stupid funny video about my best friends!

    youtube search for “my friends are the best by roman atwood”

    its so funny! :)

  25. rcarrl says:

    Excellent song !!
    esta cancion la dedico a una estimada amiga.

  26. MCcollectibles says:

    did u see the new Monster Truck Mater toy Materdor from Cars Toon ? it’s awesome !!!

  27. xXEdge13xX says:

    @916lx u call me the fucking kid when ur searching this shit hahahahaa

  28. 916lx says:

    i hate lighting hes hella gay n needs to stop trying cool

  29. bart11114 says:

    This was one of the most underrated Pixar movies.

  30. HevyDevy101 says:

    Dear ’siedjes’ …. Get a life

  31. MCcollectibles says:

    Mater is soo funny !!! I love Mater

  32. metin2assasin says:

    Fuck Black Ops…

  33. metin2assasin says:

    Fuck Black Ops

  34. imrehe123 says:

    fuck e

  35. Hzqi says:


    Happy Feet was by FAR the more unique and groundbreaking addition to animation.

  36. RockyGemsCarly says:

    Eh… This one was kind of a Pixar fail… It didn’t appeal to a very wide range of people like Up or Toy Story…

  37. xboxismuchbetter says:

    Thumbs UP 4 BUGS LIFE insteaD!!!

  38. GreenDay4life2k says:

    GREEN DAY!!!

  39. Nightrain97GreenDay says:

    0:57 Green Day – Wesbound Sign!!!

  40. Ghost501090 says:

    The Bumblebee shouldn’t look like a real bumblebee. It should look car version of a Bumblebee.

  41. MrMatto91 says:

    Git R Done

  42. AmishParadise27 says:

    Although Cars was Pixar’s weakest film, it’s still very cool.

  43. jvfunn3000 says:


  44. zimshowfan says:

    In theaters I thought it was a trailer for Bugs Life 2, but then Mater drove by and I thought “WTH!” LOL

  45. ACLTony says:

    I enjoy watching this movie over and over. What’s so refreshingly suprising is that there’s no “Political Correctness” spin on it. The late Paul Newman as “Doc Hudson”, Larry the Cable Guy as “Mater”, racing star Richard Petty and the rest of the cast were outstanding. This moive should have won an award.

  46. aajonahv says:

    Thunbs Up For My 100% Funniest Disney Movie “The ROBLOX Movie 3!”

  47. aajonahv says:

    00:00 song in bugs life!

  48. jvfunn3000 says:

    @siedjes I totally agree! I LIKED CARS!

  49. dylanbobby1 says:

    best movie ever

  50. Darkclawable says:

    Pedro Alexander y Nahum Mendoza Guerrero

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