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Raw Video: Tornado Hits St. Louis Airport

50 Comments 03 May 2011

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  1. OSHIE95 says:

    @130hc God hates go STL

  2. 130hc says:

    God Hates Missouri altogether.

  3. newblurbal says:

    mainstream news doesn’t command me to do anything, they just talk about the goddamn royal wedding and the political dick flailing in DC.

    3 scientists is a miniscule amount. you do realize that there’s 10,000s in the world right?

  4. amcmillan2008 says:

    @newblurbal well my suggestion to you is then why are you watching these videos go watch main stream news. and wait for them to tell you what to do.some fyi for you i have heard more than 3 scientist talk about the haarp and tornadoes and weather quakes it creates. but lucky for us you came along, a nobody that knows it all, and let us know the truth .lol what ever,go watch judge judy or something, stop bothering the people who think for themselves.

  5. newblurbal says:

    there is no “info” to look up – it’s just bullshit created by people like you who have no idea how weather works.

    we’re the ones keeping the government alive. if the obama was really trying to kill everyone on earth, how the hell would he survive? think that through a bit. i’m not brainwashed by anybody. the government says absolutely nothing about haarp. if all tornadoes come from haarp, then I guess haarp is older than mankind, right? wrong.

  6. omessemo says:

    In your language Mogo087

  7. amcmillan2008 says:

    @newblurbal and another thing, when i see a video i go look up what they are talking about i also go to any links on their video. so before you keep flappin your gums. go look up the info. your self. thx

  8. amcmillan2008 says:

    @newblurbal yes they have and what a way to get away with something oh it was natural. and those people that predicted them are real profits? what ever dude believe what you want to believe but myself and some others know better we can see the weather in the making.but please do let us know when it comes to your town over and over again.your one of those same people that enjoy being brainwashed.go watch mainstream news and wait for them to inform you,when you should think for yourself.

  9. newblurbal says:

    tornadoes have been around before HAARP, so how do you know that this is not natural? would the government really be trying to kill people that make them profit? hell, they’re going broke repairing your cities. don’t be that stupid.

  10. newblurbal says:

    the only people complaining about them are the ones who’ve fallen to these dumb rumors. were you up there in the plane watching them press a button that ejects the chemicals, or were you on the ground watching the normal air + water reaction that’s been happening since jets were invented? that’s why conspiracy people are so stupid, since they tell you to “research” crap that they’ve posted themselves.

    you don’t know what “spamming” is either, so don’t play that card.

  11. TheSAVIORhasEMERGED says:

    The Savior(peace be upon him) is on earth. These things are happening for a reason Also The Savior A.S. shows proof that Jesus A.S. had to leave so this comfortor can come. Paltalk has live followers @religion>Islam>The Savior room

  12. oObadphishOo says:

    ponderosa got to this too?!?!

  13. GallicWarsMixtapes says:

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  14. Mog087 says:

    Where’s the rawness motherfuckers?

  15. matsellah says:

    @loltalker667 y’know… I don’t know.

  16. amcmillan2008 says:

    @newblurbal you take a science class, i have had plenty of them.heres a idea go talk to a scientist and ask them,or get off your lazy bum and look up the info. yourself.i know of a few different scientist and weather people calling them chem trails. not to mention people everywhere complaining about them. so shut up dummy you are just spamming. and the only person you are making look bad is yourself.

  17. paradiseboy37 says:

    @bitna1231 Yeah, yeah. Good call. spamspamspamspamspam

  18. newblurbal says:

    you conspiracy theorists are the biggest attention whores on the planet. you see something you don’t understand and then immediately blame it on the gov.

    look pal, my uncle has a commercial pilot + IA mechanic license. the company he works for has a few cessna citation 10s and I flew with him once. the trails left behind stayed for a day or so (a common characteristic of these mythical “chemtrails”) but there’s no chemicals inside. take a science class,learn about air resistance.

  19. BeastGT87 says:

    @MoheyMojito lol look at who the uploader is…

  20. TheCanadianPenguin says:

    Right back ‘atcha.

  21. amcmillan2008 says:

    @TheCanadianPenguin dude the things you say have no relevance too many things show that you dont know what your talking about, you just are making a fool of yourself and i have better things to do than have a debate with someone like you. grab a education, looks like you really need one.

  22. TheCanadianPenguin says:

    So you replied with something completely irrelevant to me?

    When someone says “stop replying” etc, it’s pretty much the troll’s white flag that they have ran out of arguments to use. I guess stupidity loses once again.

  23. amcmillan2008 says:

    @TheCanadianPenguin I GUESS THAT WOULD BE SOMETHING ELSE YOU DON’T stop writing me.

  24. TheCanadianPenguin says:

    I have looked it up, and it’s all bullshit.

    I seriously doubt you major in science either when you can’t even use English correctly.

  25. amcmillan2008 says:

    @TheCanadianPenguin wow! okay 1st of all i major in science,and it is only stupid to you for 1 of 2 reason, either your scared shitless and don’t want to know. or your to lazy to look up the information your self.

  26. ahfreet says:

    A magnificent display of our Lebanese heritage! I am very proud.

  27. zuzu1992lebanon says:

    keep on lebanese pepole, your the best…. *_* =D

  28. DOUMIT978 says:

    i loved the commercial
    GO LEBANON!!!!!!

  29. DOUMIT978 says:

    i loved the commerical
    GO LEBANON!!!!!!

  30. dudjoe says:

    72 arent lebanese and haters

  31. MrSweetlife92 says:


  32. 131tomato says:

    72 people dont hav lebanese spirit :-/

  33. roccoloveful says:

    wow…these are the moments which make life so precious and valuable!

  34. SiggyStern says:

    I like this (o:…..I will go to an airport soon,and I am sure somehow within I am waiting for something like this to happen (o:

  35. kristelle212 says:

    lebanese and soooooo PROUD :) 3anjad l lebniye mafi menoun nice video :) lebanon 4 life :)

  36. nascarlady29 says:

    I was 7 years old when we moved to the united states , I remember it was a beautiful city when it wasn’t being bombed.I been here now for 30 years , I would love to back for a visit. .. Its so nice to see people posting nice comments about the muslim religion .We are all the same . Glad to see less ignorence .

  37. derbakeman says:

    73 people are not Lebanese!

  38. ciaranmacdara says:

    The song is now available on Beirut duty free. Facebook page.

  39. spicyguyy says:

    hhhhhh good one

  40. ashthegreat says:

    Skip to 1:10 to get to the good stuff!
    Thumbs up!
    This rocks. Arabs rock. Lebanese rock even more.

  41. Jiguhbiduh says:

    Absolutely amazing! GO LEBANON!

  42. pureLebanon says:


  43. moon23845 says:

    @engmostaqil ههههههههههههه مو هو هذا المقصود انك تدمج ناس ثانيين معك ويصير الجو وناااااااسة
    طبعا انا اتكلم من نفس الفكره الاساسية وهي الفلاش موب….. :) بس صراحة مره ضبطووها روووعة

  44. anahanah57 says:

    the 68 that dislikeed this they are the ones that don’t want people to live freely, COMON GUYS LIVE AND LET LIVE

  45. svehouni says:

    Lebanon….That’s why you have a different place in my heart.

  46. apex0mega says:

    Greetings to all lebanese people <3
    Pround to Be Lebanese :)

  47. opensky71 says:

    I love Beirut, proud of being LEBANESE… I miss home, regards to all..

  48. hocod says:

    i watch this video almost everyday

  49. midomoussa1 says:

    really hal video ktir 7elou
    a7la sha3eb l sha3eb l lebneni :D

  50. TATAVET07 says:


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