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Apple AirPort Express: Unboxing and Demo

25 Comments 19 August 2011

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  1. neopaca says:

    Very nice video! Congratulations from Brazil!!

  2. 1goldenchongo2 says:

    can i use the bridge feature if my wireless network is sky+

  3. Smallie7 says:

    m going to china soon and Do not want to take my laptop, i might be purchasing this airport express and also either an ipad or ipod touch. But in China, it isnt common to have wifi in Hotels only ethernet. And obviously you can’t connect cable to an ipad or ipod touch. So i was wondering if i can buy this airport express, set it up at home and configure the router settings, then when i go to china turn it on, pop in the cable and then it should appear on my ipad as a connection also for others?

  4. AndresBenjamiin says:

    Where are the apple stickers? ._.

  5. N02505 says:

    If I set up a wireless network at home, then take the express with me to school and plug it into the ethernet there, will I be able to use my iPad to join the network?

  6. simon3102000 says:

    Hi, my imac is connected to my router via ethernet cable, will i still be able to use the airport express wirelessly to stream music to my hifi?

  7. saahil913 says:

    nice video

  8. MrAlestair says:

    Hellooo Please Hlp ! I’m Using a Modem to Access to internet & If I Get the Airport express & Cnnect it Will I Get WIFI or Should I connect a telephone line t the internet port ??? in other words won’t the Apple Airport Express work with My 3G Internet Modem ????? Plz Help !!!!

  9. TheHoopster13 says:

    that is how one of the iPod classic’s was packaged

  10. theeverything611 says:

    After you have set it up, could you use it as a WIFI hotspot in a building with only an electrical outlet, and no Internet cord connecter?

  11. JOS3ALFR3DO49 says:

    No stickers :O

  12. awesomeMario11 says:

    @DetroitBORG When you print wirelessly from the the PC using the AirPort Express. Do you still need to keep the latest software on the PC or you always have to keep downloading the lastest version? Please Answer!!!

  13. pspcrazed says:

    can i use a desktop and conect to the airport express and it wil be a supplement for my router instead of plugging directly into my router?

  14. imacc2009 says:

    Question: do you HAVE to plug in a wireless router? [another one of my stupid questions]

  15. pikefan23 says:

    you only need the CD if you have a PC. the airport utility is included in OS X

  16. pikefan23 says:

    @DetroitBORG it also lets you play music around your house

  17. DannyVPhamTV says:

    So it’s a router?

  18. awesomeMario11 says:

    No I am sorry, I meant the AirPort Extreme.

  19. awesomeMario11 says:

    Can you also demonstrate the AirPort Express and time Capsule?

  20. iTouchiPodz001 says:

    can i use this as a range extender to extend the range of my wifi. i have a linkseys router

  21. RobertDevious says:

    Can I use this simply to extend the wireless connection from my Airport Extreme Base Station to other rooms in my house for a better signal?

  22. meghlaoui says:


  23. MustangGT500KRFever says:

    @fdgdfdfsssdas No problem ;)

  24. fdgdfdfsssdas says:

    @MustangGT500KRFever wit ur help, i finally got WIFI ! ….. thanks man lol

  25. MustangGT500KRFever says:
    Try that one ;)
    Have Fun with ur Airport

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