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Pushback from gate B4 El Paso Airport

16 Comments 15 October 2011

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  1. SkyWestCRJPilot says:

    @elevatortimes Well, I filmed on SWA, Delta, SkyWest, Frontier, and US Air and the FA just looked at me.

  2. elevatortimes says:

    Yes they make u turn it off. Continental Express almost made me turn it off.

  3. SkyWestCRJPilot says:

    why do you hide your camera, only allegiant air makes you turn it off

  4. McSwagger830 says:

    cool im takin a trip on southwest next week

  5. moviefreak95 says:

    Dallas then to Lubbock from Dallas.

  6. McSwagger830 says:

    where were u headed to?

  7. moviefreak95 says:

    No it doesnt. I film a lot and nothing happens.

  8. yblocker says:

    explanation: airlines say it messes with cmmunication equipment ! not a functioning mechanial device but is not limited to the flight attendant giving you a detailed set of instructions” in the unlikely event” as not only a FAA / ATA regulation but some folks just dont “get it” how to buckle seat belt where to go if there is a fire or other emergency. hard to pay attention if you are focused on a portable electronic device. most FA’s dont care but some will have a shit fit. Cool vid tho…

  9. moviefreak95 says:

    no they didnt

  10. futureb737pilot says:

    did they tell you to put it away

  11. MLGPro17 says:

    I still do not know why they worry about the cameras. The Mythbuster team said that it is impossible to cause a malfunction in the planes controls with a camera.

  12. moviefreak95 says:

    Dallas Love Field

  13. TrainSounds says:

    Where were you heading to?

  14. SkyWestCRJPilot says:

    No BZN as in Bozeman, MT

    on a Lynx Q400

  15. moviefreak95 says:

    Is BZN Belize Airport?

  16. SkyWestCRJPilot says:

    Very nice! I had a flight from BZN-DEN I will have to upload it, but I only upload jet videos

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