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25 Comments 21 October 2010

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  1. Mcslash1234 says:

    Punisher fail

  2. sajaki says:

    This guy is on drugs or something?

  3. 667mumble says:

    Looks like the first Lightning McQueen toy is on Acid and Steroids

  4. AlternativeBaroque says:

    That fuckin’ car was playing the Lonely Goatherd song. I don’t even know anymore.

  5. EddieCubillo says:

    I think it’s strange that you strongly encourage people not to buy knockoffs, when you admit to “Buying tons of them!” just for fun.

  6. nddlj says:

    My favourite video, it’s a tie between Pregnant Barbie and Ariel Lollipop LOL
    OMG this toy looks like it was made in Japan and you could only get it in Japan but apparently not since you have it haha

  7. XxJoe1792xX says:

    lmao the car has the same music as the pooh knockoff

  8. Jesterclown17 says:

    These toys are nightmare fuel. You are a brave, brave man.

  9. Theredtail95 says:

    The music from the first one made me tear off my clothes and dance like party boy from ‘Jackass’. I was doing the speed macarina.

  10. silverthehedgielover says:

    number 2 moves like a spider

  11. absolfan says:

    ca u reveiw fake pokemon cards plz! they cost about $1 for 30 cards!!!!!!

  12. TheKatieandjacob says:

    I love the anime barbie

  13. midnightsunanime says:

    OMG lolz epic fail the first one o the front the label said “rust eeze- bumper ointment” WTF>|?

  14. MrAsdf181 says:

    I LOVE Bratz that said “F*** you!”

  15. MrLegodude1234567890 says:

    they scare me

  16. TheKatieandjacob says:


  17. Schoolzorz343 says:

    @mainbeach2010 Rectal, not rape.

  18. Shiroblack says:

    the second car is a nice ide anyway, but thelamp and mouth is shit, i hope there is an rc toy with that model

  19. vengpjer says:

    i kinda liked the second car

  20. sannaSKS says:

    this is the best video.. i love that music wich comes from those toys!

  21. simpsonNirvana94 says:

    those toys are all the same. they could cause sezures.

  22. ErnestoGPerez says:

    why does lightning McQueen look like he’s on an acid trip? XP

  23. Harrawesome says:

    Gaah! He starez into yourz soulzzz!

  24. Beamfortrress says:


  25. MrBugMan2u says:

    this is sorta scary

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